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For the healthcare workforce

Simple and
proven career development

Built for ambitious healthcare students and early-career professionals to leverage their soft skills to thrive in their roles and live happier work lives.  

Bite-sized content

Career coaching

Meaningful connections

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See what you can do with Premedly

Learn non-technical skills. Thrive at work.

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Premedly is a career development platform that you can use to help your students and employees thrive in healthcare jobs. Give your students and early-career professionals the tools and resources needed to land a job, secure early wins at work, or maximize career growth potential. Tapping into the power of soft skills empowers the healthcare workforce to improve their professional quality of life -- improving patient experiences and health outcomes along the way. 

Designed Exclusively for the Healthcare Workforce

Premedly can provide proven and relevant resources for your students and employees. Tools and resources are research-driven and career coaching sessions are led by subject matter experts and industry leaders. Working in healthcare is hard -- Premedly helps employees take greater control of their career. 

Engaging Microcontent

Just-In-Time Coaching

Mentorship Access

When healthcare workers thrive,
patients thrive.

A solution that just makes sense for healthcare workers


Bite-sized offerings

Microcontent featuring industry-leaders who share knowledge and insights on developing non-technical skills critical for patient-facing employees working in healthcare. Practical career development content and curated media focused on soft skill development. 

  • Content from industry career development experts and subject matter experts.

  • Virtual events and workshops to help navigate common work challenges and growth opportunities.

  • Personalized support for healthcare students and early-career professionals.

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increase in employee professional quality of life (proQOL) ratings


Support that drive success

Access to life coaches with expertise in career development practices for the healthcare workforce, including goal setting and leveling up.


Delivering outcomes critical to business goals and objectives

We deliver data-driven results that are meaningful to your organization and your employees when it comes to helping them thrive in the workplace.


What Our Partners Say

"We've been looking for a career development tool like this for sometime now. It's a great tool to offer our new hires during the onboarding process. The content is backed by research and our employees find it relevant.

Deena Levies,
Mission Bay

Tom Smithenson, Parkmerced

"Premedly is one of the smartest investments we've made. It's been transformational for our newest employees and we use it as a companion tool for our career development program within our organization."

Tilly Green,
Hayes Valley

"Our students wish they would have had access to Premedly sooner. They find the career coaching most helpful and say it doesn't even feel like traditional career training modules or lessons they're used to."

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